January 27, 2012

The Will-O-Wisp Thing

In my childhood i loved tabletop role playing games like "Hero Quest" and comics. Until that time i have that dream to make my own comicbook. The Story is a real simple one but that does not interest me because I just do it for me. A little selfish, huh? But lots of indie comic artists know what i am talking about. We don't make that for money just for the fame, if at all. Comic making can be really really exhausting. Particularly when you have a family and a fulltime job.A friend told me to try something smaller for the first time. To find out how my style works. Recently I think that is a good idea. We will see...

...but one day i will finish it.

January 5, 2012

Screentone Test

The book will be in black and white with screentones.
I tried to find a fast easy way. That image shows exactly what i
want to have. Hope you like it.